December 1, 2015

What We Do

AU Week to Engage What We Do

Active Citizens Conference

The Active Citizens Conference brings together students, faculty and community leaders to learn about the best practices for impacting community and mobilizing social change. Hosted annually by The College of William & Mary.

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Annual Fall Meeting

The Annual Fall Meeting allows faculty and staff to convene and collaborate on community engagement initiatives across campuses.

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Faculty Development Opportunities

Annually, VA Engage sponsors opportunities for faculty development in the areas of community engagement.

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VA Engage Journal

The VA Engage Journal provides a forum for students to publish research studies (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods), reflection essays and reviews of current literature and engagement practice, all with guidance and mentorship from engaged faculty and staff.

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VA Engage ListServ

The VA Engage ListServ allows individuals members to share resources and have discussions with each other through an electronic mailing list that combines the characteristics of a newsletter and discussion group.

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